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EP/EA/EPQ Features & Benefits

  Electric Actuator versus Pneumatic Actuator 



Certifications: CSA Approved & Certified

Model: EP20, EP50, EP100, EP200, EP500, EA200, EA500, EPQ115, EPQ215, EPQ315, EPQ415, EPQ425, EPQ515, EPQ525, EPQ535, EPQ545

Super Capacitor/ Fail-Safe Positioning: EP20/50/100, EP200A, EP200B, EPQ115, EPQ215, EPQ315

Type (E) Electronic Basic On-Off: EP20/50/100/200/500, EPQ115/215/315/415/425/515/525/535/545.

Type (S) Smart On-Off: EP20/50/100/200/500, EPQ115/215/315/415/425/515/525/535/545.

Type (R) R-Modulating/ Regulating: EP20/50/100/200/500, EA200/500

Type (G) G-Switch ON-OFF (Gear):  EA200/500 

Torque (in-lb): 89 ~ 7080    Travel Time(S) 0~90°: ≤ 5 ~ 35

Compact & Light Weight : 3.086lb ~ 9.039lb

Protection: IP67/ NEMA 4/ NEMA4X/ NEMA6/ NEMA6P/ Weather-proof/ Corrosion Resistant/ Heater

Electric Connection: 2 x 1/2NPT   Bus Type: Modbus

Voltage: AC/DC24V/ AC110V/ AC220V/ AC110V 3PH/ AC220V 3PH/ AC380 3PH

Optional: Bluetooth Connectivity/ IP68/ 77F° Heater/ C05 Corrosion protection/ Custom Color Coating/ Metal outer hanging unit/ Metal connection panel.